Helping Your Real Estate Investment Grow.

Growing your business can be a struggle. You already have so many different aspects of your business to focus on and it can be a challenge to make sure you are doing everything correctly on the financial side of your business. That is why we decided to specialize in helping tthe next level. Our mission is to help you focus on running your business with the peace of mind that your accounting and advisory services are being handled by a company that understands your needs.

Your Real Estate Investing Bookkeeper.

Kailah Sirk

Owner/Founder of Sirk Bookkeeping Solutions 

Summary of Experience: I started my business once I discovered the need for bookkeepers, and specifically in the real estate industry. The real estate world is a fast paced environment, and having a professional bookkeeper by your side can aid you on the path to financial freedom, and luckily for you, you’ve found me! I am dedicated to helping you on your path to success so let’s book a call today and get started.

Specialties: Bookkeeping For Real Estate Investors

Working with real estate investors is my specialty and truly the business owners I enjoy working with most. My mission is to help you take your portfolio to the next level. I will optimize the financial side of your business giving you more time to focus on making those deals!